Steep climb to historic area. All roads out of the Hacienda entrance lead upwards. So be prepared for a climb. The trail begins at the back of the overflow parking area, past the rusting artifacts well to the left of the entrance. This route is under solid shade for the first mile, but it is quite a workout. Towards the top, the Deep Gulch trail wraps around before joining the English Camp trail for the last 0.4 miles to the shaded picnic tables at the English Camp area. Here you will see a handful of decaying buildings that is all that remain of the historic headquarters of the mining operations that dominated the park until the 1900's when the town was abandoned. Plaques scattered around the area tell much of the story. Notice the flowers and trees left over from earlier times. Garden Roses, Narcissi, Bearded Irises, Periwinkle, etc. The route back can be summarized in two words, wide and steep. In summer, you can add "hot and dry". Head down to the junction with the Mine Hill trail and make a right turn for home.
Wildflower tip: You should see plenty of California Blackberry on the way up the Deep Gulch trail. Look for Periwinkle all around the English Camp area, left over form the gardens of the people that lived and worked here.