yellow and orange wildflowers of Quicksilver Park
Bush Monkey-Flower Close up   Mimulus aurantiacus     Two flowers   Blooms April-Oct. Bush Monkey-Flower   Mimulus aurantiacus     Blooms April-Oct.  Close up view Calafornia Lotus Close up Calafornia Lotus
California Buttercup Close up California Buttercup California Poppies on Rock California Poppies
Fiddleneck Close up Fiddleneck frenchbroom Golden Clover Close up
Golden Clover Golden Yarrow Full Plant Golden Yarrow Goldenrod
Goldfields Close up Goldfields Gray Mule Ears Sunflower Gumweed
Hartweg's Tauschia Full Plant Hartweg's Tauschia Hayfields Tarweed Close up Hayfields Tarweed
Hill Lotus Full Plant Hill Lotus Johnny Jump-up Close up Johnny Jump-up
Oxalis Close up Oxalis P1010041 P4192588
P5025704 Pineapple Weed Close up Pineapple Weed Prickly Pear
rosilla closeup   Back to full view Rosillia  see   Closeup view Slender Tarweed Close up Slender Tarweed
Spanish Broom Bushes Spanish Broom Close up Spanish Broom Spreading Dudlya Close up
Spreading Dudlya Sticky Cinquefoil Full Plant Sticky Cinquefoil Sweet Clover Close up
Sweet Clover Wind Poppy Yellow Mariposa Close up Yellow Mariposa
Yellow Rocket Mustard Yellow Star Thistle