Methods and explanation of terms (Short version)

Points: Points tell you how good you are. Points for different events CAN be compared.

For example, a girl running a 60 sec 400 gets 656 points. That is better than a boy running a 23.0 sec 200m (640 points) but not as good as a girl running an 11:40 3200m (667 points). The system is accurate to about 10 points.

Population: Population tells you how special you are. A population of 1000 means you would, on average, be the best athlete in a group of 1000 California/US high school students. To obtain a vadid result, you should use your season best time, run on an all-weather track.

Points are adjusted overall so that, on average, the 2001 world record performance gets 1000 points, which corresponds to a population of about 670 million.

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